Alors Media

How do WeCo ecological public toilets work?
“Alors Media” sweeps received ideas and explains all about these bright public toilets.
So, do we commit to the change?


WeCo toilets are ecological public flush toilets, already installed in several places in France. Alors Media met WeCo toilet users in a event place close to Paris on the occasion of a festival.

Results? An edifying report breaking up received ideas about ecological public toilets.


The report explains in an educational way the innovative technology permitting WeCo toilets to be autonomous and functional. For the user, nothing changes. Nobody notices that he/she just used that revolutionary system.

As soon as we explain the WeCo closed-water-circuit, people are surprised, then enthralled. Recycle our urine into treated water to stop using drinkable water for the flush, is immediately perceived as an obvious idea and linked with the ecological imperatives of our world necessary change.

Nothing disgusting in this system. Water is purified by the filtering and electrolysis system of WeCo toilet’s technology.


Moreover, WeCo toilets are pretty, practical and perfectly hygienic. Four times less expensive than traditional water flush toilets, totally self-sufficient, they need no connection to public sanitation and can be installed in any place.

So, as the report proposes, are we going to participate to the changes?