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Hydreos Label

WeCo ecological public toilets have been awarded the Hydreos label, which has been validated by the Water Industry Competitiveness Cluster.

The innovative and sustainable system of autonomous wastewater treatment from WeCo public toilets has been recognized by the HYDREOS labeling committee.

logo hydreos

Hydreos is a network whose aim is connecting research laboratories, communities and businesses to promote collaborative innovation among water stakeholders. This network is gathering internationally recognized skills and expertise. Hydréos has itself been labeled “pole of competitiveness” by the government.

Since 2010, this competitiveness cluster has been supporting innovative projects in several strategic areas, including wastewater treatment, which is a crucial issue of the 21st century.

Hydreos emphasizes that wastewater management in the form of large, centralized networks has limits that need to be offset by local solutions, relying on more autonomous systems.

The WeCo solution is perfectly autonomous and localized. WeCo public sanitary facilities have no negative ecological impact on the environment, nor any economic impact on the colossal water treatment budgets of the city in which they are installed.

WeCo flush toilets have an extremely positive and sustainable environmental record.




The hydreos label should allow this innovative and promising technology to develop rapidly.