ANC meetings in Dijon on October 16 & 17, 2019

Non-collective sanitation actors propose national meetings on the theme of “separating, valuing and treating wastewater at the source”.


Weco will be present at the ANC meetings in Dijon on October 16 & 17, 2019. All stakeholders in non-collective sanitation are meeting around one main theme : “separate, optimize and treat wastewater at its source”.

A challenge to which the innovative ecological toilets WeCo perfectly respond. Conferences, workshops, booth, come and meet us at #dijon-congrexpo number 81.


wastewater ecological treatment

WeCo designs and markets ecological and autonomous public toilets.

They work through a system of sedimentation and degradation of faeces, followed by electrolysis and filtering of wastewater. The result is treated and reusable water for toilet flushing.

WeCo therefore perfectly meets the objective of treating and recovering wastewater at the source.
So we had to be present at the meetings of the ANC 2019 in Dijon.

WeCo ecological public toilets work perfectly independently. The installation does not require any connection. Which makes the choice of WeCo toilets doubly economical; no connection fee, no water bill.


In addition, WeCo public toilets are designed and moveable. They thus make it possible to valorize by their implantation, the commitment for a sustainable use of the rare resources.

Unlike public dry toilets, WeCo makes no compromise with flushing. Nothing changes for the users. The WeCo toilets fully recycle water used for flushing, have a surplus that can be used for watering green spaces or for cleaning.
The WeCo eco-friendly toilet system has received multiple awards around the world.


If you want to meet us, you can find us at booth B1. Because our approach is totally innovative, you can also hear Cécile Dekeuwer (Founder & President) Wednesday, October 16 late in the morning, at workshop B1: “innovations and new solutions, new approaches”