“Toilets without Taboo”

WeCo on Arte TV – Saturday 14th of november at 10:20 pm


This November 14th’ Arte documentary « Toilets without taboo » a few days before The World Toilet Day (November 19th) has been a real opportunity to highlight WeCo’s unique technology and innovation as a promissing French start up. Among global players such as the World Toilet Organization and the Gates Foundation, WeCo was portrayed as the only sustainable, industrial and international sanitary solution.

The documentary was foundamental to better apprehend issues in the subject and the newest technologies.

We are also delighted to witness the exceptional press coverage from Le Monde and Positivr on the documentary.


(Re)watch the documentary on November 27th on Arte at 9h25AM  (GMT+1) and on Arte website until January 12th 2021.