World Toilet Day 2020

Sustainable sanitation & climate change


On November 19th, we are celebrating the World Toilet Day an initiative of the United Nations to spread awareness on the current climatic and sanitary crisis.

This year’s theme is Sustainable Sanitation and Climate Change, a theme through which WeCo positions itself as an innovative, ecologic and water saving solution.

More than half of the world’s population does not have access to proper sanitary installation (OMS/UNICEF 2019). The research for innovation in sanitation and water procurement that is resistant to climatic disasters is a matter of first necessity. 80% of the wastewater is channelled back into the ecosystem without being used or treated (Sato et al.2013).

With the latest Arte-documentary « Toilets without taboo »,  our purpose is to break the stigma around toilets and raise awareness on a critical situation with the lack of access to toilets and water around the world.

The Sustainable Development Goal of equal access to sanitation and water is everybody’s business and for us at WeCo more than a priority, a mission.



In order to reach that goal, we are proud of our years dedicated to the R&D of an autonomous innovative and global technology of on-site wastewater treatment. This technology has been developed with the ambition of a meaningful impact on climate change. Not only water saving, it manages the upcycling of dark waters on site. A technology that is very well presented in the Arte documentary (31’25) which will be replayed on November 27th at 9h25 AM and available on streaming until January 12th :

Seize the opportunity of this World Toilet Day to (re)watch  « Toilets without taboo » and the presentation of the WeCo technology, perfectly fitting this year’s theme « Sustainable Sanitation and Climate Change ».