As opposed to classic dry toilets, Weco’s public toilets use an autonomous and ecological water-flush system.

– Water conservation –

With a sustainable development perspective, Weco’s public toilets respond to the environmental issue of water conservation through use of an integrated wastewater recycling system to filter and re-use plant wastewater in toilets.

The water-saving system is optimized through integration of a flush that is particularly water-saving and odorless waterless urinals enhance.

– Full autonomy –

This closed circuit flush system allows us to make toilets which are totally independent and autonomous from the local water and sanitation systems.

Depending on the facilities available on the installation site, our highly energy-efficient system can be powered by the local electric network. However, electrical autonomy may be achieved by combining photovoltaic panels and a battery.

Adapting the design inside and outside to the installation site.

– Designed for the users –

All too often, public toilets are considered as unattractive places that we hide behind other buildings.

We are approaching the design of our toilets totally differently to shake up the usual ways of thinking. We have reconsidered the entire interior design of our toilets to make users feel good inside and we have added numerous services.

The outside can retain the metallic aspect of the container or, for example, be clad in wood.

– Shaped for the use –

To match our environmental policy and our desire of eco-conception, our toilets are settled in a basic recycled shipping container. Inside, you can find both the technical room and the user space.

This solution allows us to adapt the number of toilets to the place and the use you want to make of our toilets. You can combine different containers. Their independence from the water and sanitary local system makes it easy to move them if necessary.