– A functional area –

With a design specifically made to reinvent modern restrooms, Weco’s toilets are considered to be urban shelters – enjoyable and secure.

– Interior design and user services –

More than just selling simple toilets, the WeCo restroom offers many elements of interior design, as well as additional services to users. All of these become an asset for the owner of the sites where the toilets are located.

For example, the owner can use display and exhibition spaces to communicate with its users. Meanwhile users can enjoy connected services and objects.

Moreover, through an educational display explaining how WeCo’s toilets work, the user feels engaged in the ecological transition.

The autonomy and the modularity of our ecological toilets offer great flexibility depending on the location of the installation.

– Variation of installations depending on the environment –

A container can easily be moved and toilets can therefore easily change location if required: at the River Seine’s Paris Beach during July and August, in front of a museum during the fall, at a cultural event, etc. This mobility offers a solution to the seasonal fluctuations in toilets’ usage. Containers can be added on a heavily used site in summer, and then used elsewhere in the low-season.

There is a wide range of choices of outer covering. We will design the toilet in line with your taste: from a simple version with painting and stickers to a more sophisticated version using quality materials, including street furniture such as benches, shelters, dispensers and so on. We can also picture adding a climbing wall or a playground for children. The only limit is your imagination.